Dyson Airstrait Heres Everything You Must Know About the New Hot Tool
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Dyson Just Debuted the Airstrait Straightener—Here’s Everything You Should Know

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Somehow, Dyson has managed to shake up the hair-care industry once again. Meet the Dyson Airstrait–a tool with the ability to style wet or dry hair without hot plates—just hot air—inspired by the airflow technology the brand’s been perfecting for years. Dyson has been making headlines in recent years for its covetable Airwrap styler and Supersonic hair dryer—both known to treat tresses with minimal heat. But where does the new Airstrait fit into an already stacked hair regimen? 

“Delivering the ease-of-use that people love about straighteners but with high-velocity air blades, saves time, maintains hair strength, and achieves an everyday natural straight style,” says founder and chief engineer James Dyson in a press release. The desired result? A smooth, shiny, naturally blown-out mane. Below, read on to discover everything you need to know, from how the technology works to helpful usage tips and our initial thoughts.

Where to Buy the Dyson Airstrait

The Dyson Airstrait is available to shop now at Sephora, Ulta, and Dyson.com

Dyson Airstrait Straightener

How Does the Dyson Airstrait Work?

To state it simply, the Airstrait is a sort of hair dryer-meets-flat iron. But unlike your go-to straightener, this does not use hot plates but rather air accelerated through the arms of the device in place of the plates that power your flat iron. From there, the air is projected at a 45-degree angle; directed down the hair shaft in order to straighten while drying. This directional airflow down the hair shaft straightens while drying to reveal a smooth and shiny finish with less frizz and flyaways. 

Dyson explains that hair styling begins with breaking and resetting hair’s hydrogen bonds to hold a new shape; wet hair is ideal because these bonds are more elastic and can be set without extreme temperatures—a science the Airstrait capitalizes on. “By using the optimum level of heat and controlled airflow, we’ve found a way to style hair with less damage,” Dyson states.

To be clear, you can use the device on wet or dry hair through two respective styling modes: along with a Cool mode to lock your style in place. Each setting features an intelligent heat control engineered to maintain optimal hair health and shine. Wet mode offers three heat settings (175°F, 230°F, and 285°F), while Dry mode offers two temperature settings (250°F or 285°F) plus a quick ‘Boost” mode for a quick heat surge. There are also two speeds and a root drying mode. 

How to Use the Dyson Airstrait

Once you turn the device on, you will see the settings displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen. After selecting your desired mode, clamp the Airstrait close to the root of your hair. (The LCD screen should be facing upwards, by the way.) Once the airflow automatically begins, glide the device down your hair shaft as you would with a flat iron. Here, moving slowly is best to allow the air to treat each section of hair. Typically, one to three passes are all you need. Continue until your entire head is finished to your liking. 

Courtesy of Dyson

Our Experience With the Dyson Airstrait

At its New York City launch event, Dyson demonstrated the Airstrait on three hair types: wavy (type 2), curly (type 3), and coily (type 4)—stretching each to a naturally straight style. What’s more, the hair still had a lively bounce and body to it without any stiffness or intense heat. While straight or wavy hair types might be able to style solely with the Airstrait, those with curly or coily hair types like myself will likely have to follow with a flat iron (if the desired look is sleek and silky). In either case, its ability to quickly and easily transform wet hair is revolutionary. 

In my short trial of the Dyson Airstrait, I was most impressed by how uncomplicated the entire process was. Considerably lightweight, I was able to hold and maneuver it with one hand. When I was giving myself a speedy at-home blowout, I decided to use the Airstrait for the first time. My typical blow dry, achieved with a hair dryer and some sort of brush, takes about an hour—followed by a flat iron or the Airwrap styler. Using the Airstrait, however, cut down my drying time to about 40 minutes to completely dry my hair, despite me stopping midway through to chat with my roommate and record a TikTok. (This was incredibly exciting as I was getting ready in a rush!) The Airstrait transformed my curly extensions into straight and bouncy ones with minimal effort. Then, to style, I gave my mane a quick curl with the Airwrap barrel wands. Safe to say, I am confident that I’ll reach it on wash day without fail. Will this replace my hair dryer for good? Only time will tell.

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Dyson Airstrait Straightener

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