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The mere sound of the words “quiet luxury” makes Dean and Dan Caten cringe. There’s nothing further from the ebullience of their flashy, flaunt-it-if-you-got-it world, and they dismiss the ongoing tailoring trend just the same. “When they zig, we zag,” they said. “We go our own way.”

Not surprisingly, the sartorial choices now so abundant across the fashion spectrum were a no-no here for resort; also absent were the bohemian mash-ups of recent seasons. At a showroom appointment, racks were replete with baggy low-slung XXL cargos, extreme-washed denim of the hybridized variety (think sweatpants and hoodies crossbred with tight-fit racer jeans and truck jackets), sexy cropped tops and miniskirts with dangling Swarovski fringes, and skimpy corseted minidresses. “It’s all about chicks from the burbs—cheeky, streety, super-hot,” they summed up.

The chicks in question aren’t into yoga, pilates, or meditation, rather they prefer fast, dangerous sports that keep adrenaline levels well above mind-calming standards: boxing, car racing, motocross. While sportswear is at the moment a rather dormant reference in fashionland, here it was cross-pollinated through both men’s and women’s lines with a riot of miscellaneous ingredients including street-style staples, twisted varsity uniforms, and after-hours glam.

Guys and girls shared much of the same brash language—same let-them-talk attitude and looks. They even joined in a fun mutual nod to the cartoon-diva Betty Boop, who was printed on patches stitched on trucker jeans jackets and denim pants, which also came emblazoned with graffiti and studded logos in black crystals. “It’s back to our roots—hotter, spicier, punchier,“ they said. No romance, more tough love.